Parkinson’s Enhanced Assisted Living Specialists (P.E.A.L.S.)

Silvermark Enhanced Assisted Living is proud to offer enhanced care for residents living with Parkinson’s Disease.

 Our “P.E.A.L.S.” program includes the following enhanced care, additional assistance, support programs, education and resources for residents and their loved ones:

enchanced care plano
  • Ongoing, specialized staff training
  • Anticipation of common Parkinson’s symptoms including increased anxiety, speech difficulties and slower response time
  • Specialized dining accommodations such as modified utensils or food preparation, longer table time and privacy when needed
  • Access to nurses and specialists
  • Personal care assistance
  • Medication reminders or assistance
  • Ambulation and transfer assistance
  • Transportation service to appointments
  • Supplemental therapy resources such as massage and specialized exercise classes
  • Special programs designed to engage residents with Parkinson’s Disease including Dance with Parkinson’s, Drumming Circles and more
  • In-house Parkinson’s Support Group
  • Education Programs focused on Parkinson’s-related topics such as sleep, movement therapies and positive thinking
  • Palliative care resources for comfort and assistance with holistic care planning

Silvermark can usually accommodate immediate post-acute care support including assessment, transportation and transition into a fully-furnished studio apartment.


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